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High School Orchestra

New Students, Concert Band, Symphonic Band


Zoom Band, 101
All band rehearsals will be online for at least the first trimester of the 2020-2021 school year. Rehearsals will be in the evenings when students have had a chance to get home and get to their computers and their instruments. Exact rehearsal times and durations will be announced soon!

What you need...
Your instrument, chrome book, headphones, and required books and supplies.

A complete list will be available soon.

New Students!
New students! As beginning band students, you will be meeting in smaller groups (brass, percussion, woodwinds) on Zoom, so that you can get more attention in the beginning. It will feel more like private lessons in small groups. As soon as you are caught up, you can join an ensemble. 

Concert Band
Concert Band students (mostly 5th Graders) play almost exclusively out of Essential Elements for Band, Book 1. If Mr. Marcotte approves, and you can play through Book 1, you may move up to Symphonic Band.  If you move up, you can still play with Concert Band for fun or to help younger students. Students will be regularly tested using Essential Elements Interactive. Assignments will be sent home and students will play along with the computer while being recorded. This is how students will audition to move up to Symphonic Band.

Symphonic Band
Symphonic Band students (mostly 6th-7th-8th Graders) play out of Essential Elements Book 2, Film Favorites, Broadway Favorites, and Christmas Favorites. Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and practice on their own. Playing assignments will be sent home with Essential Elements Interactive. While there is no Wind Ensemble planned this year, the individual recordings students must do out of Book 2 will be very demanding, and differentiated to fit each student’s level of ability. For example, a 6th Grader may be asked to record themselves playing a C Major Scale, while an 8th Grader will need to record, C, F, and G Major Scales. 

Band Fees
Band Fees are a little different this year. The band program is being run by Marcotte Music, LLC, and all payments will go to this company via a separate billing service. Financial Aid is available, as well as discounts for siblings. More details on band fees will be available in the future. 

Instruments, Books, and Supplies
New students will have to rent or buy new instruments and supplies. Older students may have to repair their instruments, and it is important to do this before school starts. The Music Room in Palatine is a wonderful place to start.  Do not purchase an instrument online without advice from Mr. Marcotte. Many instruments look shiny and perfect, but they are cheaper because they are made of lower cost materials and will break by December. All students will need their own books and instruments!

Quest cannot lend out instruments this year!

Thank you all for your patience! We will all benefit by working together!
Mr. Marcotte
630-926-0559 (This is my cell. Use this number. Do not call the school. You can text me as well, but please introduce yourself.

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"To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable"

Ludwig van Beethoven

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