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The Music Room in Palatine


What do you mean you never got valve oil?

For band, your students will need an instrument, which you can rent from The Music Room in Palatine. Depending on your instrument, you will need certain supplies. Some of these supplies will run out (how many reeds can a clarinet go through in a year? All of them...), and others should last unless broken(do not step on that clarinet's bad enough it has no reed...).  You will also need a book for band. We use the Essential Elements series for band.  For this year, let's all start on Book 1 and see how far we can get!  Symphonic Band will also need Essential Elements Film Favorites and Essential Elements Christmas Favorites. All of these materials can be ordered from The Music

Room in Palatine! The link is at the bottom there...


Essential Elements for Band: Book 1...

Obiously get the one for your student's instrument.  

Both Concert and Symphonic Band need this book.

We may be adding Book 2 for Symphonic Band after Christmas...

Symphonic Band also needs...

Essential Elements FILM FAVORITES.


There's a Movie Favorites, but it's different.



You will need a box of reeds, Vandoran, size 2 1/2, cork grease, swab, a reed case, a four reed guard, and the innate desire to imitate a strangled goose. Don't worry, it gets better.


Pretty low maintenance. They will give you a cleaning stick and a cloth.


A box of reeds,, Vandoren, size 2 1/2, cork grease, and a neck strap.  Get the cushy one, it's worth the extra $5. A comfy sax player is a happy sax player.


Ask Mr. Marcotte about which reeds to get. It depends on the player. Also, cork grease, a swab, and believe it or not, a little plastic red shot glass. You can get them from Binny's. Or another small cup in which the reed can soak in water.


Valve oil. Slide grease.

Everything you need is available from Carol Cook and The Music Room in Palatine! Everything musically, that is. They don't have cheeseburgers, so if you want a cheeseburger you have to go somewhere else.

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